22 gift ideas for your bestie

If you are still wondering what to gift your bff that'll appreciate her love- I have- not one, nor two, but 22 gift ideas that your partner in crime is going to love.

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Effortless casual outfit ideas for Valentine’s day

The Valentine's day is lurking around very close. Only, this time, no tugging of your hair and no clueless faces. I've got your back if you still don't know what to turn up in on your casual date.

How to create the perfect 90’s wardrobe

Always having a thing for 1994 Mercedes Benz convertible and fishnets over denim, I am very happy that the 90's trends are taking over the fashion industry. Be it girly, hip-hop, grunge or punk style, there were loads of choices for a 90's teen. Here's how to live in the '90s with the perfect wardrobe!

Me time must-have activities

Taking breaks between your work is very important, but taking breaks very frequently will definitely affect your work. solution? spend a little me-time and doing these activities. You won't regret it!

Super six favourite Blogs

I'm sharing 6 favourite blogs that helps me and also influences my life. These blogs are addicting to read and acts as a virtual best friend on which you can rely for inspirations and advices.

Guide to create a capsule wardrobe

You must have heard a fair amount of buzz about capsule wardrobe and how it's beneficial, and now are wondering what is this fuss all about. Let me help you ladies here a bit. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of 20-30 timeless pieces of clothing that all could 'go together'. This is, so you... Continue Reading →

Dress Relief : Summer DRESS Code

Beachy destination, Sunglasses, pool, tanning, straw bags, lovely sandals, what's not to love about summer? When the sun's out and your friends are waiting, nobody wants to spend their time labouring over the perfect outfit. What works best at that time is a lovely and comfy dress. Here are 15 comfortable dress ideas to slay... Continue Reading →

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